We are Hiring !!!


Do you want to join the crew here at Wagga Cycle Centre ???

We are a team, we look after each other, and we get to have a bit of fun along the way.
But we just seem to be getting busier and busier…So we are looking for applications for 2 full time rolls.
Working in a bike shop is a rewarding job in an easy going environment…we remember a lot of our customers…we talk about what’s happening out riding (we talk about plenty of other things too)… plus you get to look at cool bikes a lot during the day…
Position 1 – Salesperson.
The roll of a salesperson for us is someone to focus on selling products out on the showroom and help with stock management for our large inventory of bicycles and accessories.
We are looking for someone who is motivated to talk customers through the right bicycles and accessories and then complete the sale through our point of sale.
Some sales are more in-depth, talking customers through the bicycle and how it works, many sales are simple “check out style”
The role also requires stock management such as receiving and unpacking orders and input into our system.
The right person for the job will easily pick up the ins and outs of selling in a bike shop, with a lot of learning done on the job.
Do you have a history of selling in other industries? Are you passionate about bicycles? Do you enjoy dealing with a large variety of customers? Can you use a computer?
Then this role is for you.
Position 2 – Mechanic
The roll of a bicycle mechanic is a very specific one. And admittedly there isn’t a lot of people with the skills required who are not already employed in the industry.
We realise this, so we are looking for someone with previous mechanic knowledge, potentially from other mechanical backgrounds or someone who has some of the necessary skill for work with bicycles.
Our existing mechanics are on hand to guide the right person further into the required skills if required.
An attention to detail and mechanical know how is what we require to start this role.
This role is also open to juniors who want to make a career in the bike industry and are starting from scratch, which placement in accredited courses available to become a qualified bicycle mechanic.
Daily roles for the successful application will include:
Major and minor repairs, puncture repairs, new bicycle building and occasional work on the showroom floor.
If either of these roles is the right fit for you, we want to here from you.
Please contact us via email (attention Andrew)
Or feel free to introduce yourself in-store or over the phone 02 69214536


We are pleased to announce that we are the Wagga and Southern NSW dealer for Santa Cruz Bikes !!!

Having previously sold Santa Cruz from 2007 to 2014, it was an easy decision to make this our premier MTB brand again…

Currently the most recognizable brand in the MTB world, Santa Cruz have established themselves as the boutique brand ridden by some of the best riders on the planet. With iconic designs across the different disciplines of dirt riding, this bicycle company is all about performance, durability and credibility.

What separates Santa Cruz from the hundreds of other bicycle brands out there has been their dedication to the development of their patented Virtual Pivot Point Suspension System (VPP).

VPP has been engineered across their range of suspension bikes to accurately give the greatest performing suspension platform regardless of whether you are a DH rider, Enduro / All Mountain slayer or an everyday trail rider.

Wheel size and geometry are obviously the other 2 key areas of making good bikes, and Santa Cruz just keep producing progressive frame designs to suit the different riders and wheel sizes out there. In a world where every MTB park and trail is getting more aggressive, Santa Cruz are at the forefront of good design to keep up with this, but also make sure the bikes handle and pedal correctly for intended use.

Santa Cruz’s impressive models include the following (please click the links)

The thing we have been most impressed with whilst building up the newest range of Santa Cruz bikes is the attention to finish on the carbon frames and the design for internal cables. Every brand is doing internal cables now, and quite frankly, many brands are making it way more complicated than it should be. Santa Cruz have made it as easy as possible with an internal carbon tube or “spine” that is actually part of the frame. It’s just one of those little things we notice in the workshop that makes a difference at service time. Added to this is the smart pivot and bolt system that uses grease nipples to keep the suspension hinge running smooth for the life of the bike… If you are looking for a boutique bike, this feature alone separates Santa Cruz from the pack of highly desirable products out there on the market.

Santa Cruz warranty is also fantastic with lifetime guarantee on frames, pivot bearings and carbon wheels (for original owners).

We also keep Reserve Carbon wheelsets in stock for upgrade during build phase of Santa Cruz bikes, or for outright purchase. These things are insanely strong and priced better than you think !!!

Like any good boutique offering Santa Cruz have different build options for their models to suit peoples budgets and tastes. Certainly we have noticed that compared to many offerings available is that each Santa Cruz build kit is smartly spec’d, meaning budget orientated options are not just “poverty packs” with nice frames, and components that do not match.  So it doesn’t matter if your budget is $7000, or $15,000 the bike represents a balanced, quality item

In Australia, Santa Cruz are only offered in carbon frame options from “S” build and up. So please check out the Santa Cruz aussie website for more details. There is also some great info available to sink your teeth into before making the journey in store.

Santa Cruz Australia Website

We look forward to talking customers through their ideal bike and spec, and with our range of bikes now on the floor, now is the time to get in and speak to us about the best bike you have owned so far !!!

CRAZY SPOT SPECIALS – Performance MTB, Road and E-Bikes

Our End of Season Sale is in full swing, and whilst plenty of bikes have walked out the door with happy customers (and at silly prices)…There is still some great bargains to be had across the range.

We have some crazy specials on mid to high end E Bike, road, gravel & MTB’s…check them out…

Norco Sight C2 2018 – was $6,799…SALE $4000 (medium 29)

Norco Range A3 2018 – was $3,799…SALE $2499 (medium 27.5)

Giant Propel SL-1 – was $7,999…SALE $5,999 (medium)

Giant Trance Advanced Pro 1 29 – was $6,299…SALE $4,799 (large)

LIV Langma Pro 0 – was $6,299…SALE $4999 (small)

Giant Trance E+ SX – was $8,399…SALE $6,499 (large)

Giant Revolt Advanced 0 – was $4,299…SALE $3,399 (m/L)

LIV Envie Advanced Tri 2018- was $4,299…SALE $2,699 (s &xs)

Giant Reign 1 – was $5,499…SALE $3999 (large 27.5)

Norco Sight C3 – was $5,199…SALE $3799 (large 29)

LIV Valle E+ – was $4,799…SALE $3,299 (xs)

Giant Trance E+ 1 – was $6999…SALE $5399 (medium)

LIV Intrigue E+ 3 – was $5999…SALE $4,499 (XS)

With the aussie dollar sliding in recent times the price of bikes will only be looking to increase over the next year, so now is the time to grab a bargain on that new machine…

Most of these units are one off specials…so don’t miss out, secure yours today !!!

Want to know if we have what you are after in store? Give us a call, we are keen to clear the current range !!!


Cannondale Synapse Clarence

In Conjuction with our End of Season Sale we have our remaining stock of 2019 Cannondale Synapse Endurance bikes on massive clearance…

Synapse E-TAP was $8,499 sale $5,499 (56cm)

Synapse Ultegra Di2 was $5,999 sale $3,800 (56cm)

Synapse Ultegra was $4,499 sale $3,200 (54,56,58cm)

Synapse Ultegra W was $4499 sale $3,200 (51cm)

Now is the time to secure a bargain on these fantastic endurance road bikes…first in best dressed !!!

All bikes come with our customised fitting service included free of charge to make sure that your purchase is the best it can be.


All 2019 Bikes and accessories…minimum 20% off !!!

It’s that time of year again…the big yellow sign is up in the window…every current model 2019 bike in the store is on sale…

When we have a sale, we don’t muck around. We just strip the price and offer great value for money.

Most of the bikes in store are still our 2019 range, so there is heaps of yellow tags covering the shop.

Kid’s bikes, recreational bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, MTB performance bikes and E Bikes…they are all on sale !!!

Don’t see a yellow tag on a bike? Ask us how much it is…

Highlights of the special include:

  • Giant MTB E Bikes…all minimum 25% off
  • Cannondale Road Bikes…a massive 30% off
  • LIV Women’s road bikes…all minimum 25% off
  • BMX bikes from WTP, Fly and Mirra…minimum 20% off
  • Scott Performance MTB…minimum 20% off
  • Fox PROFRAME MTB helmets…20% off
  • car transport by Thule, Ezi Grip and Yakima…all 20% off
  • 100% Sunglasses 20% off
  • Clothing…all styles 20% off
  • Clothing specials rack…all items $20…some silly bargains to be had

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for highlight specials as we show off some ridiculous specials on some items…

So now’s the time to get in and grab a bargain, once they sell out, that’s it for another year…

Want to know if we have your size or that special model? Contact us to secure that bike you want now !!!

Email here

Phone us business hours 02 69214 536


If you only look after and maintain one thing on your bike – it has to be your chain…

There is an absolute stack of products and info on the market dedicated to bike care – its important stuff and certainly one of those product lines we like to advise people about – not just let them grab it off the shelf and take to the check out – the right products for the right kind of cyclist means plenty of on going use for your pride and joy.

What’s the one area of bike care that all kinds of cyclists get wrong?


We try and always think of care products in 2 categories – for the chain, or for the rest of the bike – the chain is that important !!!

No matter what bike you have, the chain is the primary area of the bike you need to be able to look after at home with the right products and advice. Regardless of how much expert servicing we do for you in the workshop to the rest of your bike, you need to be able to do at least some chain care at home. The chain simply needs more attention than just at service time.

Let’s start with why the chain is so important…stretch…if a chain is well cared for then it doesn’t stretch as quickly. A chain is made up of pins, rollers and plates (links), and as a chain wears these small parts don’t all fit together as snugly – like a door hinge that starts to wear out and get sloppy.  This then means the chain stretches a very small amount per link as you push down hard on the pedals. So over 100 or so links this becomes a noticeable amount of stretch and slop which leads to the chain not sliding as nicely across cogs when changing gears. Gear change becomes less crisp, slower to react and noisier.

This stretch also leads to the front and rear cogs of the bike wearing…as each link stretches doesn’t sit down onto each tooth of the cogs correctly, this slight misalignment causes the teeth to wear with every rotation. Enough wear can lead to dangerous slippage when the chain and cog cannot grab as you put power down, especially bursts of power or up hills. It doesn’t always have to be the die hard customers doing lots of miles – this issue can just as regularly come from recreational cyclists, because these customers are maybe thinking it isn’t as important to care for the chain on their weekend machine.

So why does the chain stretch and wear???

There is really only 2 reasons – 1. metal on metal friction from use over time is unavoidable but limited by using the right lubrication. 2. grit & dirt is the major issue most people have with chain wear. Grit kills chains quicker than simple mechanical wear – heaps quicker, grit and dirt act like sand paper on a chain as it constantly rotates around causing that wear and slop we have spoken about…so keeping the chain clean is actually more important than keeping it well lubed.

Here are some great tips to get into a regular routine for chain care in between visits to the workshop.

  1. Wipe your chain regularly – with a simple dry rag, if a chain is wiped every 2 rides, this stops the grit off every road or trail from attaching to the chain. The grit sticks to the oil on the chain and it mashes it up. So if you wipe it every 2 rides you keep on top of this process. Simply hold a rag firmly over the bottom half of the chain as you turn the pedals backwards – keep your hands and the rag away from the cogs however… you will get a noticeable streak of black tar off the chain. Repeat every 2 rides. Keep a rag next to your bike storage , make it easy and accessible.
  2. People think they will wipe off all the oil needed for the chain by wiping for 20 seconds – you won’t. A chain is like a sponge, each link and roller holds a nice drop of oil or lube – even if it feels reasonably dry to touch. Wiping for 20 seconds only wipes off the oil that has leached to the surface of the chain (where is isn’t really doing its thing). The oil inside each link will continue to do its job but you are getting rid of the oil and grit on the surface. More oil will leach out on the next couple of rides, so repeat the process.
  3. Wiping the chain every 2 rides will mean that you might get 6 rides (3 cycles) before the chain does have a dry and crunchy feel – now its time to put more oil.
  4. Never oil a dirty chain – take the extra few minutes to give the chain a really decent wipe before putting more oil on the chain – oiling a chain that is already gritty and dirty doesn’t allow the oil to get into the rollers where is needs to be… the oil sits on the surface and only makes that mashed up gritty chain killer worse- THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE WITH ALL CYCLISTS – get out of thinking that you have done your bike some good by just throwing a bit of oil on it for good measure…don’t have time to wipe the chain? you don’t have time to oil it then!!!
  5. Wiping the chain can only keep on top of it for so long. If the chain starts to get more of a gunky film that is hard to remove on it, its time to clean the chain, either with a good brush and some degreaser, or a specific chain cleaner – all of which we can talk to you about in store… any degreasing of the chain should be an in depth process however…do not just spray a bit of degreaser on the chain and cogs and wipe off before re-oiling… make sure you rinse off any cleaning products with water very well. We have seen the results of not getting old oil and degreaser off the chain properly…the result is something like glue.
  6.  Do not use WD40 or CRC…neither have any proper use on a chain…are you trying to oil or degrease your chain? People think the good old “service in a can” does both… they kinda do but they flick off the chain quickly and then there is nothing left – leading to rust…the one thing people are trying to stop by using them.
  7.  Chain before other cleaning. If you are going to give the chain a good clean and degrease do this before any other cleaning, as there will be some degreaser that splatters on the rest of the bike. Rinse the chain, wash the rest of the bike how you like, dry the chain with a rag, and then oil it.
  8. Oils ain’t oils… sorry for stealing the slogan, but whilst there is a crazy number product for oiling and lubing chains there is essentially only a couple of categories:  1. Oil based or “wet” lubes are for riders in wet muddy conditions or road riders who want the bike to feel really smooth, these lubes are often about the consistency of olive oil and are really good at keeping things quiet and lasting a long time between applications. Wet lubes can get very gunky and build up on the chain if not cared for. The 2 rides and wipe process is really important with these oils and we are always talking to customers about keeping on top of the process. 2. Dry based lubes work really well on MTB’s and bikes that are going to get dirty in dry dust. Even our recreational customers should probably aim at using dry lubes because they tend to need less care and you can be a little slacker with wiping the chain. They often have a wax or Teflon sediment in them that leaves a smooth dry film on the chain that dirt finds harder to stick to. They never last as long however and are thinner, which means they need applying more regularly. That’s when the suggested wipe before you re-oil is really important. Many MTB riders will apply, ride twice, wipe and re-apply to keep it all smooth, because they can feel dry and rough quickly, but it’s all in the name of stopping a dirty chain. 3. Ceramic lubes tend to be a oil or waxed based lube, just a better version of them with some ceramic compounds that run really smooth – if you own a high performance bike, they are worth a look.

Remember that you can always make the journey in store to talk about your chain – and the quicker you can get into thinking of your chain as something you need to take control of all the time and in between visits to our workshop the better.



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SMP Saddles – A Bike Riders Best Friend

Problems with the seat you ride on? There are seats out there that will help you ride better…

There would hardly be a customer we have dealt with that hasn’t has a problem with a seat at some stage through their cycling adventures. There is literally thousands of saddle options available from narrow to ultra wide, from firm to super soft to try and your rump from screaming at you.

Here at Wagga Cycle Centre we keep a large variety of saddles in store to help weekend riders through to die hard roadies. We advise customers which seats will suit them and their riding style, along with discussing any specific issues they are having with their current seat.

Our in store bicycle fitting program for serious cyclists also takes the seat into account when making adjustments to riding positions and pedaling techniques.

The number of issues that people have with seats varies greatly and is specific than “it’s too hard” or “my bum gets sore!!!”. There can be issues such as sore sit bones, numb genital area, sore glutes and thigh rub affecting all sorts of riders out there. Your rump is a series of muscles that needs to get used to a seat, no different to doing weights at the gym, you build up and condition to the stress. But a seat is dealing with some pretty important and sensitive areas of the body.

This is where Selle SMP saddles come into play.

Developed in Italy, SMP have actually been around for 70 years, but their current range of saddles that we highly recommend have been one of the best developments with seats in the last 10-15 years. SMP-4-Bike is the most iconic saddle shape on the market, and it can draw lots of looks and lots of questions. Whether you are a serious road rider, triathlete or a recreational rider, the idea behind the interesting shape of SMP seats is the same. Shape is the key to SMP, not just how soft or wide it is. Here is a quick break down of what is happening:

  1. The curved shape of the seat:  as a person leans forward to reach their handlebars, the hips tilt forward and as a result human “sit” bones actually poke slightly backwards. This means they will push into the curve of the seat and have something to support them (think of a runner with their heals on the starting blocks). With traditional flat seats more muscles are being tensed up to hold you in position instead of leaning into the seat. Certainly the vast majority of people say they feel like their rump is more relaxed when sitting on the SMP, this curve is the main reason for this.
  2. large flow channel: after the sit bones have something to nicely  push and stabilise against, the flow channel takes the pressure away from the sensitive areas of the genitals and the pudendal artery / nerve area. This is a great way of avoiding the numbness that many people associate with their seat and bike riding. This issue has been a major talking point with men’s health and the affect on men’s testicles. SMP seats are certainly a great way of avoiding some of the underlying problems with men spending a lot of time in the saddle and the affects on reproductive potency and testicular health.
  3. front curve / nose: the front curve and nose of the seat help to stabilise the user as they lean forward, and SMP have done a great job of making this section of the seat soft to avoid pressure whilst still doing the job well.

Many specific issues people have had with seats can be eliminated with the SMP philosophy… forget men’s and women’s specific seats… eliminate the actual issues that affect you. SMP stands out in a market full of seat brands promoting generic remedies…

Now that you have a bit of a grasp of why SMP saddles have their iconic shape, the great thing is that this philosophy has been applied to a massive range of saddles – many of which we keep in stock.

SMP have too many models to list and hold in store, but we make sure to keep the most relevant models and the models that have provided the best feedback from real riders out there:

Performance models $300-$400: Leather covered with firmer padding for riders doing many miles – check out SMP Lite 209, Drakon and Avant.

Sport models $100-$190: Vinyl covered with medium padding levels – aimed at riders on their road bikes and more serious recreational riders – check out SMP extra, Well and Well Plus

Recreational models: called TRK seats with wider and softer vinyl covers – aimed at hybrid riders, mountain bikers, comfort bikes and E-bikes – $99-$150

SMP saddles can be purchased  and taken home by a customer, but as a bike shop committed to not just selling product, but to also making sure it works correctly, we always offer to fit the saddle for customers. There is quite a technique and measurements to take into account to get the most out of SMP saddles, and admittedly, the advice available from SMP website regarding fitting often needs a bit more of the personal touch to get right for users.

Here at Wagga Cycle Centre we provide all SMP seat fitting at no extra cost. We also provide demo models of some of our most popular models so that riders can get a feel for the right saddle over a number of rides.




Humm | No Intrest Ever… Taking over from Certegy Ezi Pay…
For many years Certegy’s No Interest Ever scheme has been a great way for customers to get the bike they want.
Customers walk out with the bike and accessories they need on the same day as the paper work is done!!!
Our big window sign for Certegy has greeted customers of Wagga Cycle Centre for a long time.
Well except for the name and signage, nothing else is changing.
Humm Finance have amalgamated a number of instore finance providers and its business as usual.
Many customers ask us what’s the catch or what’s the fine print in using No Interest Ever to pay off a bike purchase.
The great thing is that Humm Finance means you pay back an exact amount over a nominated time frame, there is no hidden catches, no going over the time frame with interest kicking in.
It’s the price of the bike plus any other accessories you need, a deposit is normally paid and the time frame is worked out based on how much you are spending – typically between $700 and $6000.
Time frames  are 6, 12, 18, 24 months and repayments are always fortnightly.
Yes there is an establishment and account keeping fee, but this is worked out at the time of purchase, so once again it is an exact fortnightly amount you pay back until the end of the contract.
This gives customers the ability to really get the bike and gear they want with most repayments being worked out at well under $100 per fortnight !!!
HAVE YOUR SMART PHONE WITH YOU? Of course you do, so the contract can be approved on the spot via SMS or Email and you are ready to head out the door and onto your bike…
So whilst you might see a few changes to our instore displays and fliers, it’s business as usual.
Make the way in store or contact us via email and we can talk you through a quote calculation and the terms and conditions…and you can get ready to ride your new toy !!!

IN DOOR TRAINERS for Recreational Riders

Keep the love for your bike going all year round…
Well winter is just about here for the Riverina and southern NSW.
And for many of our customers that means indoor trainer time!!!
Most riders know what an indoor trainer is but what a lot of people don’t realize is they are not just meant for serious road riders. Nearly any road, and many recreational bikes can fit a simple rear wheel trainer or a serious high power direct drive unit. So keep yourself going this winter with the advise and the right unit below…
Who uses indoor trainers besides serious riders? 
The answer is everyone – from one day a week riders to that person you always see commuting to work and MTB riders who can’t get to the tracks during the week. We sell as many trainers to people who consider themselves weekend riders as we do to those on their rig everyday.
The most forgotten reason to buy an indoor trainer is that you are getting used to your own bike…so you will be getting used to how to sit and control the bike, get familiar with how you like to push hard on the pedals, and for many recreational customers it’s a good opportunity to get used to that seat they don’t get familiar enough with before their next weekend ride comes around.
This all in turn means you have stayed away from an exercise bike that will never feel as good as a bike and trainer for the same cost. Even our basic $250 rear wheel trainers are going to take advantage of the mechanics in a real bike instead of basic parts in that unit you saw in the latest catalogue from a chain store (or on a late night infomercial).
Units from reputable brands are only getting smoother and quieter so they are enjoyable to ride with the headphones banging or Netflix streaming…
Here at Wagga Cycle Centre we don’t expect people to just walk up to the cash register with the box to purchase…it has always been about showing people through the range of units and giving sound advise based on how much you will use it, how hard you will go and will there be multiple bikes going in it.  Naturally we will show you how it works but more importantly show you how to get your bike in and out of the device with some tips from long time users.
We stock rear wheel units at $250,$350 $500 and $800. Smart trainers and direct drive trainers are also pretty achievable for recreational riders with units from $749.
If you are a regular MTB rider, direct drive trainers also provide another forgotten benefit. Knobby tyres and rear wheel trainers don’t mix because of the aggressive treads running over the roller. Making a purchase of a direct drive trainer removes the rear wheel and also provides an incredibly stable and smooth riding experience – that any rider will benefit from.
Anyone who has visited our store might have seen our direct drive trainers in use for bicycle fitting sessions that myself or the other staff perform for new purchases and bike tweaking – feel free to ask us for a demo if you think direct drive is for you…
Please check out the great units we stock from Elite and Tacx brands
We will have a more in-depth analysis of Smart Trainers in an upcoming newsletter so watch out for that in the coming weeks.
So if you had previously thought that an indoor trainer is only for your serious riding mates then think again. We have the range to suit your bike and staff familiar with all the units that the market offers.
Most importantly we keep in stock what we recommend… so make the journey in store and we can set you up on the spot!!!
Thanks again for your time, and as always if there is something you read here that you want to know more about please contact us via the link