Bike Fitting

Maximise your riding experience with expert bicycle fitting

indexStore manager, Andrew has over ten year experience with computerized bike fitting software and rider positioning.

Our inshore measuring system provides Andrew with the tools to accurately take a customers body measurements, input them into our fitting software, providing our customers with a schematic to correctly set seat height, crank length, reach, stack height, shoe positioning, saddle positioning and bike advisement.

Backed by the global data base and equipment from Andrew can access a data base of most bikes available on the market today. We then make sure that the bicycle you wish to purchase can fit you the best way possible and start you off with the best set up from first ride

Customers then test out their bikes and fitting position to allow us to make observations and adjustments to maximize your comfort and efficiency.

We can also use our array of positioning tools to make sure your body is inside the ideal angles and lengths to avoid developing bad habits on the bike.

img_7521We also do reviews of your fit, because as you become a better rider, your body and fitness change which can lead to changes in your positioning !!!

This system is offered free of charge with any performance bike purchase, and is also service Andrew can confidently apply to an existing bike a customer is looking to improve upon. Customers can alternatively use the system to get a guideline for how they should ride a bike they may wish to purchase, which will incur a consulting fee of $170, which is then removed from the price of a bike if they make the purchase through our store !!!

Bicycle fitting requires time and dedication from our staff and the customer, so bookings are essential. Call us on 0269214536 to organize a consultation.