Our Services

“servicing all makes and models since 1985”

Did you know that our head mechanics have a minimum of ten years experience in bike servicing?
And that all our staff have mechanical know how across all bicycle styles?

Whether you are a weekend rider, a family of riders or a high performance athlete, our mechanics are at your disposal.

Our complete service centre means that we have the skills and tools to keep the massive array of high performance bicycles in the Wagga area expertly maintained.

We also accept all minor repairs jobs, we provide simple repairs and puncture repairs with short turn around times. This includes repairs to prams and mobility frames. We keep a massive inventory of spare parts and tubes so that we can get you rolling again quickly… in many cases with same day service !!!

For those customer of ours outside Wagga please contact us on 0269214536 to see if we can do your servicing with same day turn around.

Customers can drop off their bikes unannounced, or make a booking by contacting our email here.

You will be talking to the people who service your bike, not a receptionist!!!

We consult with you at the time of drop off to work out a collection time and costs – and inform you of any extra expenses we may encounter…

We do work by a standard servicing fee, but we also like to make sure a customer does receive the level of service their bikes require, not the level a price bracket limits them to…