E-Road Ebikes

The range of Scott e-Road and e-Gravel bikes have given us the ability to comprehensively cover the market.
When it comes to the high end options, Scott’s innovation really shines through with the brilliant E-Solace models. Sporting full carbon construction, integrated batteries, road or gravel models and the amazing TQ HPR50 mid drive motor. No other design on the market has blurred the line between e-bikes and analogue bikes quite like the E-Solace, with many happy customers saying: “it’s so smooth, light and quiet, I forget that it’s an e-bike !!!”
Price range for E-Solace models varies from $11,000- $20,000
Scott Addict E-Ride is the other full carbon design offered. Sporting a design very similar to the awesome Addict RC race bikes, these units use the Mahle X35 hub drive motor which keep the bike looking and feeling like the traditional performance models, but at a better price point than E-Solace models.
Price Options from $7000- $13,000
Scott Speedster E-Gravel still sports the Mahle hub drive system, but in a great cost effective package. With an alloy frame and reliable parts spec, we can offer people a brilliant option under $6,000 to suit your gravel or road adventure.


Take one of our demo models for a ride and discover the special feel!