Performance Road Bikes

The Wagga and Riverina region has always been strong for the road riding scene. Whether it’s the early morning road bunches, bicycle user groups, weekend warriors or the local cycling clubs.
Our customers and ourselves are out amongst these groups and are passionate about being part of the local riding scene.

Chances are, if it was purchased from us it will be from our fantastic brands: Giant, Scott or LIV 

We pride ourselves on keeping the most comprehensive range of road bikes to suit the local riding conditions. Having that road bike you desire on the showroom floor is really important to us, being able to see and touch it before purchase certainly gets positive feedback from customers, as opposed to having to view it on a computer screen.

Our in store experience is enhanced by our bicycle fitting system that is provided with all road bike sales to make sure your pride and joy suits you from the first day.

Please visit the links to our range:
Giant Road Bikes, LIV Women’s Road Bikes, Scott Road Bikes
The highlights of our road bike ranges includes:
  • Giant TCR & Liv Langma – the best all rounder – fantastic acceleration and handling combined with lightweight hill climbing ability…the choice of Pro’s and locals alike…
  • Giant Propel & Scott Foil – aero road bikes have made a massive design shift to become better products, so if you want the fastest bike in the peleton then this is the bike for you…brilliant design means you can still ride and handle like a road bike should, just faster…
  • Scott Addict RC – one of the most visually stunning designs on the market, for those that want race quality designs, and want to beat their friends this weekend on the local roads.
  • Giant Defy and LIV Avail – the ultimate mix of comfort and acceleration. Endurance geometry, combined with frame efficiency close to race bikes.
  • Giant Contend AR & LIV Avail AR – economical bikes for “enthusiasts” – alloy frames, carbon forks, wide tyre compatibility – under $3k


Talk to us about what bike will suit you and well will make sure its going to give you the best performance