Anyone making the journey into our store can’t miss our wall of scooters !!!

We have 25- 30 models and colours hanging at any one time.

Scooters for children under 7 years old

We have options from awesome brands such as Maad Gear and Crisp Scooters. With price options $150-$250 We make sure we have the right designs and sizes so that they control and steer as well as possible
We refuse to sell folding style scooters, so every unit you see is a solid frame design…Scooters get a lot of abuse, even from young children using them on footpaths. We want the units we sell to be as durable and safe as possible, and whilst this might occasionally surprise customers looking for a simple option – we would rather leave the terrible folding options to the department stores !!!

Scooters for 8 year olds up to teenagers

We have lots of options from $199 – $499
We are one of the biggest independent dealers for Envy, Maad Gear and Crisp Scooters in regional Australia !!!
We can give you the models on display for immediate sale that are expertly built, or let people take home in the box.
We even keep Dirt Style Scooter with All Terrain Tyres !!!


Use our Text Bot and we can send you pics and talk you through the range!