About Us

We have been selling bikes  in the same location in Fitzmaurice Street since 1986. Our founder, John Treloar took his passion for racing and selling bikes in the 80’s and 90’s and made our large store the destination for so many customers looking to get on a bicycle.

Providing a shop that is easy to move around, well equipped and well staffed is really what it’s all about…we want you to make the journey instore!

Dealing with a wide variety of cyclists, not just any one group of cyclists is what John wanted to achieve, and our large store, with a huge variety of products, has been the means for that to happen. In many ways it has gone against the trend of bicycle shops over the last 3 decades, as we are typically double the size of the average bike shop in Australia.

Our staff are ultimately what keeps this business philosophy moving forward, however…
Reliable, committed staff that are ready and willing to deal with people.

And what’s more, all our staff, even our mechanics, deal with customers, answer the phones and sell products.

Our Staff

Andrew Treloar


The bloke who prides himself on being a manager who people actually get to see and is the main driver of the day-to-day running.
He has clocked up 25 years now, and still makes himself available everyday for customers so he can pass on his knowledge in lots of different areas of bike sales and service and racing.
Don’t ask him to go for a ride these days, unless there is a beer at the end…

Bill Hindmarsh

Head Mechanic

Bill has been with us for over a decade and in the industry for 17 years. He is a passionate MTB and Dirt Jump rider from way back… He is an absolutely fantastic employee, we don’t actually know how he gets it all done!
He keeps the workshop running smoothly, as well as doing a wide variety of servicing, including MTB suspension and e-Bike tuning.
This friendly fella is also regularly on the showroom floor serving customers who ask to deal with him.

Zac Curtis


Zac is our mechanic for complex e-Bike servicing, delicate wheel building, and anything that is just plain hard to service. He is one of those unique people who just get things done efficiently. 
How many other 22 year olds can say they have achieved this in 6 years of industry ?

Mick Silvestro


Mick came from a motorbike mechanic background and started working for us in 2020. His broad knowledge base has made it easy for him to slot into bicycle servicing. He is passionate about bikes and going to the gym.
His polite nature means he also leaves customers happy.

Titus Madeley


Confident and enthusiastic are the best ways to describe this 18 year old. He lives and breathes bikes.
He has been with us full time since early 2023 after part time work whilst at school. Titus is a strong, well known, local road cyclist who is looking to keep moving up the long hierarchy into professional cycling. 
He is learning the vast array of skills to build and service bikes. Customers regularly report that it’s great to be served by a junior who actually knows what they are talking about!

Peter Treloar

Road Bike Mechanic

After 26 years he is still plugging away, routinely making sure road bikes are efficiently serviced. He has the touch, as they say. If you have had a road bike in our workshop, chances are it was serviced by Trolly!
Passing on his skills to each new mechanic over the years has been his duty to make sure the workshop has a culture of breeding reliable workers.
And yes, he is still out on his road bike training, when everyone else is asleep 


Recognise one of the staff from our website or social media? Don’t hesitate to ask for help from any of our staff by name. Building a relationship with customers is really important to us!!!