Step Thru Ebikes

The most stable, comfortable, easy to mount category of electric bikes… It’s not just ladies that benefit from this! There is heaps of gentlemen looking for a bike that avoids swinging a leg over too !!!

We have an entire row of E-Bikes dedicated to Step Thru options, with prices from $1700 – $6000…and plenty of colour options to suit ladies and gents.

Step Thru models attract a lot of first time riders and new e-bikers…So making sure we explain the right options is really important…This avoids unsuspecting customers being fed poor advice, poor quality and really heavy options from online sellers.

We service and support every E-Bike we sell, we want our recreational customers out enjoying their bikes, not dealing with the problems we regularly see from online budget brands and obscure brands only seen in the city areas.

Our major brands for step-thru models:


Every bike on display is ready to ride, we have easy access to lane ways and bike paths to make sure you are comfortable before you purchase.