Don’t let punctures ruin your cycling. We can quickly and efficiently complete all puncture repairs to bicycles, jogging prams, trotting / harness carts, parcel trolleys, and Ebikes.
We complete over 50 puncture repairs every week and have options ready to do simple tube replacement, upgraded thorn resistant improvements, high performance tubeless upgrades, liquid sealant injections and tyre replacements.

We want to get you rolling with puncture repairs as quickly as possible, and often provide a same day service !!! 

On any given day we are repairing tubes and tyres on kid’s bikes, high performance road and MTB or just a simple cruiser style bike  – whatever bike you have, we are equipped to sort it out with minimal fuss.
Puncture repairs can be dropped straight off at our main service counter – it doesn’t matter if you bring in your entire bike, or have removed the wheels – we can handle it all.


In most cases we can get your repair done before 5:30pm same day. Prefer to pick it up another day?…That’s fine, come back when you are ready