Recreational / Urban EBikes

The right E-Bike for your weekend adventures is waiting for you in store! We have heaps of options ready and built for immediate sale.


Suspension models for the ability to handle moderate off road trails, but also have a bike that is easy to ride around the streets and bike paths – these are some of the most popular models of E-Bikes in the whole shop !!! We recommend the following models:
  • Giant Talon E+ – under $4,000 these models come equipped with reliable components and a Yamaha Sync Drive – Mid motor – the best all rounder on the market !!!
  • LIV Tempt E+ – under $4000 the ladies version of the same bike – absolutely the right for many ladies wanting to enjoy their E-Bike adventure.
  • Velectrix Ascent – with models from $2000-$3500 provides a budget friendly unit that keeps people away from purchasing unreliable units from online sellers. With options in mid and hub drive – we have you covered.


Cross / Hybrid

Are you looking to ride on cycle paths, dirt roads or rail trails? Or perhaps you are commuting to work? Equipped with typical mid width tyres and plenty of options for mud guards and luggage racks – the E-Bike Hybrid is often the right bike for lots of applications. We recommend the following models:
  • Giant Explore E+
  • Giant Roam E+
  • LIV Rove E+
  • Velectrix Urban Pulse
  • Avanti Metro E+
  • Avanti Explorer E+
Because of the wide price range available in recreational E-Bikes, we also cover a lot of options with hub and mid-drive motors from different manufacturers.

Which one is right for you? Just ask us !!!


From being shown the bike, to test ride, to accessories install and being shown how to use it, we will guide you along the whole process. Whether you are looking to do it all in one visit, or looking to organise a purchase for later pickup. We want you to be excited about your new machine !!!