BMX Bikes

THE Models and Brands In Store – Ready to Ride

We keep between 40 & 50 models on the floor at any one time, all expertly built ready to roll out the door

Our range starts with children heading into that first serious BMX that moves them away from basic children’s versions with brands like Giant and Mirra Co BMX

It then moves into that all important area of BMX where youth and young teenagers require a bike that can handle jumping and skate park use from brands like Mirra Co and Radio BMX

Our range ends with our high performance wall of bikes aimed at serous BMX from fantastic brands such as WE THE PEOPLE , Fit Bike Co and Fly Bikes.

We pride ourselves on being the exclusive dealer in the Riverina for these brands, and what’s more important – we keep them instock – no just ordering from images online, make the journey to check them out in the flesh !!!

Please visits the following links to our quality brands: