Recreational Bikes

The right bike, for you cycling adventure...

Recreational bikes… the name covers so many styles… but we have them covered…in store for you…ready for immediate purchase. Our staff are more than happy to show you around our different categories and help you make the correct choice.

Mountain Bikes: ┬áthe good old trusty mountain bike from $400 – $1400, it’s been around for ages, and gets people riding where they want, how they want with the ability to tackle a few dirt tracks. We keep plenty in stock, with heaps of sizes from junior through to 2XL. We partner strongly with our major brands of Giant, LIV, Scott and Norco to make sure we have every customer covered

Hybrid Bikes: You have a budget of $500 – $1500 and want a bike that is smooth on road, but can handle a dirt path or river track… Hybrid is for you… and we carry the compete range of Giant and women’s specific LIV hybrids.

Flat bar road bikes: Do you want the speed of a road bike with easier seating position that keeps your fitness up or lets you ride longer distances to work?
Our range of speedy recreational bikes from Giant and LIV will suit your need for speed (and enjoyment).

Adult Tricycles: We stock the range of Gomier Trikes designed for adult use. The units come in a variety of sizes, gear systems and durability. These units can suit a variety of people, from those special needs, to people with physical disability, for physiotherapy or even for our senior citizens, still keen to enjoy cycling !!!
We can even deliver these large units to our customers within the Wagga area

Retro style bikes: we compliment our range with various “cruiser" and “retro" style bikes that are very much in vogue. This category is constantly evolving with style changes so we keep pace with a constantly changing selection from brands like Malvern Star, Breezer, LIV and Radius… check them out in store.