Recreational Bikes

The right bike, for you cycling adventure…

We keep a wide range of colours and sizes on the showroom floor. This means they are ready for immediate purchase because they have been correctly built in the workshop before being displayed on the showroom floor. 

We do not do any “pre” building or display only building where a bicycle must be taken back to the workshop for finally assembly before being handed over to the customer – this is sloppy and at busy times when staff are under the pump a quality build cannot be guaranteed. If your bike has to enter the workshop before riding away chances are it is to install your accessories or upgrade a bicycle for puncture resistance.

We are surprised at how many bike shops and adventure stores treat their recreational customers like this – not us !!!

Recreational Bikes – The name means so many things to different customers, and this is where staff who know what a bike is and where you are going to ride locally can really help !!!

There is a number of different categories and styles of recreational bike that we keep in stock and talking through these options will guarantee a great cycling experience.

Mountain Bikes:  the good old trusty mountain bike from $400 – $1400. We keep plenty in stock, with heaps of sizes from junior through to 2XL. Many recreational riders use a mountain bike, not because they are carving up dirt tracks all the time, but simply because of “what if”…what if they want to tackle the local MTB tracks on the weekend and have a “recreational bike” for just normal riding around the rest of the time.

Recreational mountain bike links:

Norco Storm & Charger MTB’s

Giant ATX, Talon and Fathom MTB

LIV Bliss and Tempt MTB

Hybrid Bikes: You have a budget of $500 – $1500 and want a bike that is smooth on road, but can handle a dirt path or river track… Hybrid is for you… and we carry the compete range of Giant and women’s specific LIV hybrids.

Giant Roam Link

LIV Rove Link

Flat bar road bikes: Do you want the speed of a road bike with easier seating position that keeps your fitness up or lets you ride longer distances to work?
Our range of speedy recreational bikes from Giant and LIV will suit your need for speed (and enjoyment).

Giant Fastroad Link

Giant Cross City Link

Liv Thrive & Alight Link