Introducing our Team…

Andrew Treloar – Manager

Andrew has been part of the team for over 20 years, his dedication to the job and to his staff is matched only by his dedication to his young family.

He has been a consistent MTB rider for many years and even has a Tour De Riverina Road title to his name.

Running the show day to day, he prides himself on always being on the showroom floor or in the workshop, not stuck in the office…

Billy Hindmarsh – Mechanic/ Sales

Part of the industry for over 10 years this bloke is one of the friendliest fellas going around. The number of customers who remember his name and advise is amazing. He is either helping out valued customers or he is in the workshop taking care of the vast array of Mountain Bike servicing and suspension work we receive. His background as a dirt jump rider has made it easy for him to transition into the local mountain bike scene with some speedy results (we won’t mention his transition to the dark side as a road rider).

Mark Westerman – Mechanic / sales

Westo has been part of WCC for over ten years now. There is one word that sums up everything this bloke does – dedication… whether it’s his fitness & health, his long hours on his road bike, or his exquisite attention to bike servicing. Compromise is a word he doesn’t know, so we are proud that having traveled the world he enjoys being part of our team.

Peter Treloar – Head Mechanic

“Trolly” is the face of road cycling in the Riverina. His cycling career is even longer than his 20 years in the shop. Peter prides himself on the finesse required to service top end road bikes and chances are if you own one of our roadies, this bloke is the man behind it working well. He lives and breathes road racing and often finds himself in among some of the strongest semi pro riders at big race meets. His easy going nature has seen him gain a great following of customers and riders who want to get the most out of their cycling.

John Treloar- Founder

John’s cycling achievements are part of local folk lore. But is has been the building of WCC over 30years he is most proud of. Whilst he now takes a back seat in the business (doing the paper work) his legacy continues: “we don’t just deal with our peers, we deal with all cyclists”

An amazing transition from someone who was a motorbike Mechanic and racer in the late 70’s !!!