Does your bike need a general tune up? Do you have a specific request or a broken part?

We conduct general repairs and servicing to a wide range of bikes every day. With 4 full time mechanics and an apprentice, we are equipped to sort out just about every problem that we can possibly encounter.

We service all makes and models & all repairs can be dropped off at our main service counter! Chances are the mechanics will talk you through the repairs on pick up too !!!

We are flexible in offering complete overhauls, or using our discretion and only servicing what’s necessary – let’s face it…some bikes and riders only need the most necessary repairs done, others need their bike to be absolutely perfect.

Our mechanics are experienced across all types of bicycles, we match the right mechanic with the right bike and will communicate with customers on any additional costs they were not expecting.

Service Costs

We have standard servicing rates for the different kinds of repairs we offer.  We like to be specific and transparent with the costs that each job will incur, we normal treat the communication of repairs costs as follows:

Small Repairs – normally quoted accurately at drop-off, this includes:

  • Puncture repair
  • Specific or small repairs
  • Repairs to children’s bikes
  • Accessories install
  • Tubeless setups


Specific / Specialty Repairs – normally estimated at drop off, with follow up accurate quote, includes:

  • Suspension servicing
  • Hyrdualic servicing
  • Wheel truing
  • E-Bike electrical repairs
  • Specific parts replacement


General / Full Service Jobs – we provide a drop off estimate and always follow up with a firm quote before any additional work is performed. Due to the nature of servicing varying greatly from one bike to the next, we prefer to quote and judge each bike on a case by case basis.

Repair Times

Turn around times vary depending on the type of repair and how much work we have already in the queue.
  • Puncture repairs: same day / next day
  • Specific repairs: 1-3 days
  • Service jobs: 2-4 days

Our workshop works on a first in / first served basis…we only make bookings for specific days in advance…this works well for our customers traveling from outside the Wagga area.

In need of a service or repair?

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