Humm | No Intrest Ever… Taking over from Certegy Ezi Pay…
For many years Certegy’s No Interest Ever scheme has been a great way for customers to get the bike they want.
Customers walk out with the bike and accessories they need on the same day as the paper work is done!!!
Our big window sign for Certegy has greeted customers of Wagga Cycle Centre for a long time.
Well except for the name and signage, nothing else is changing.
Humm Finance have amalgamated a number of instore finance providers and its business as usual.
Many customers ask us what’s the catch or what’s the fine print in using No Interest Ever to pay off a bike purchase.
The great thing is that Humm Finance means you pay back an exact amount over a nominated time frame, there is no hidden catches, no going over the time frame with interest kicking in.
It’s the price of the bike plus any other accessories you need, a deposit is normally paid and the time frame is worked out based on how much you are spending – typically between $700 and $6000.
Time frames  are 6, 12, 18, 24 months and repayments are always fortnightly.
Yes there is an establishment and account keeping fee, but this is worked out at the time of purchase, so once again it is an exact fortnightly amount you pay back until the end of the contract.
This gives customers the ability to really get the bike and gear they want with most repayments being worked out at well under $100 per fortnight !!!
HAVE YOUR SMART PHONE WITH YOU? Of course you do, so the contract can be approved on the spot via SMS or Email and you are ready to head out the door and onto your bike…
So whilst you might see a few changes to our instore displays and fliers, it’s business as usual.
Make the way in store or contact us via email and we can talk you through a quote calculation and the terms and conditions…and you can get ready to ride your new toy !!!


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