How first time users can get friendly and stay friendly with Tubeless…

Tubeless tires are everywhere, there is not a day that goes by here at Wagga Cycle Centre that we don’t either set up a new tubeless system, top up the liquid sealant, sell a bike with tubeless tires or repair a damaged tubeless tire. We have been dealing with tubeless systems since before they got popular back in 2005…

As tubeless tires find their way onto more bikes and cheaper bikes, we are being asked more questions about how it works and what are the benefits – especially from first time users, recreational riders and people doing home conversions (to save money). Many people with high performance MTB and road bikes already know the advantages, but if you want help to convert an existing bike or are looking at a new entry level bike with tubeless, keep reading…

So why tubeless ???

It is smoother riding, feels faster, accelerates better, provides better grip and is generally more puncture proof than conventional tubes and tires. It will also be lighter than if a tube and tire are upgraded to similar durability. If tubeless tires do puncture from thorns, or glass or sharp rocks it tends to be less catastrophic, with the tougher materials “puckering” up and allowing the installed sealants to clot a hole and keep you riding with only a little air loss.

Sounds great – what are the negatives ???

The negatives are:   1. many brands are marketing tires that are very light, at the expense of durability (aimed at high performance riding) 2. cheap tubeless tires that inexperienced users might find appealing, along with budget tubeless conversions for “do it yourself” home use with existing tires. 3. cheaper new bikes are promoting tubeless inclusions for the price – with low quality product to keep the price sharp.

In all these situations the tires simply do not have the right design or strength in the material to be puncture proof to keep you rolling nicely, plus normal tire conversions will have sealing, inflation and durability issues if converted. Don’t do it… these kinds of products are all trying to cash in on the craze…

So what is right ???

Here at Wagga Cycle Centre, we have tried every brand of tubeless tire at every price point and the brand we keep coming back to is MAXXIS TIRES… Nearly every single model of Maxxis tubeless tire is going to provide users with a reliable set up…There are other brands providing quality tires we can recommend but for the purpose of helping beginners (and experienced riders for that matter) Maxxis have MTB, Hybrid, Road and Gravel tires that are the correct materials and design to make tubeless work for very user and intended purpose.

Great, so is tubeless what I need ???

Make the journey in store so we can talk you through the tires and explain the benefits and if it’s right for you – we keep a massive variety of tubeless tires in store, and can show you bikes as low in price as $999 with Maxxis Tubeless Tires !!!

Is there anything else I need to know ???

1. Installing the parts to set up tubeless is certainly an area where people at home go wrong – let us do it correctly in the workshop for you. 2. There are times we will not recommend tubeless, such as children’s bikes and sometimes with heavier riders – the best idea is to talk it through in store or via email


Thanks for your time,


Andrew T.

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