We are pleased to announce that we are the Wagga and Southern NSW dealer for Santa Cruz Bikes !!!

Having previously sold Santa Cruz from 2007 to 2014, it was an easy decision to make this our premier MTB brand again…

Currently the most recognizable brand in the MTB world, Santa Cruz have established themselves as the boutique brand ridden by some of the best riders on the planet. With iconic designs across the different disciplines of dirt riding, this bicycle company is all about performance, durability and credibility.

What separates Santa Cruz from the hundreds of other bicycle brands out there has been their dedication to the development of their patented Virtual Pivot Point Suspension System (VPP).

VPP has been engineered across their range of suspension bikes to accurately give the greatest performing suspension platform regardless of whether you are a DH rider, Enduro / All Mountain slayer or an everyday trail rider.

Wheel size and geometry are obviously the other 2 key areas of making good bikes, and Santa Cruz just keep producing progressive frame designs to suit the different riders and wheel sizes out there. In a world where every MTB park and trail is getting more aggressive, Santa Cruz are at the forefront of good design to keep up with this, but also make sure the bikes handle and pedal correctly for intended use.

Santa Cruz’s impressive models include the following (please click the links)

The thing we have been most impressed with whilst building up the newest range of Santa Cruz bikes is the attention to finish on the carbon frames and the design for internal cables. Every brand is doing internal cables now, and quite frankly, many brands are making it way more complicated than it should be. Santa Cruz have made it as easy as possible with an internal carbon tube or “spine” that is actually part of the frame. It’s just one of those little things we notice in the workshop that makes a difference at service time. Added to this is the smart pivot and bolt system that uses grease nipples to keep the suspension hinge running smooth for the life of the bike… If you are looking for a boutique bike, this feature alone separates Santa Cruz from the pack of highly desirable products out there on the market.

Santa Cruz warranty is also fantastic with lifetime guarantee on frames, pivot bearings and carbon wheels (for original owners).

We also keep Reserve Carbon wheelsets in stock for upgrade during build phase of Santa Cruz bikes, or for outright purchase. These things are insanely strong and priced better than you think !!!

Like any good boutique offering Santa Cruz have different build options for their models to suit peoples budgets and tastes. Certainly we have noticed that compared to many offerings available is that each Santa Cruz build kit is smartly spec’d, meaning budget orientated options are not just “poverty packs” with nice frames, and components that do not match.  So it doesn’t matter if your budget is $7000, or $15,000 the bike represents a balanced, quality item

In Australia, Santa Cruz are only offered in carbon frame options from “S” build and up. So please check out the Santa Cruz aussie website for more details. There is also some great info available to sink your teeth into before making the journey in store.

Santa Cruz Australia Website

We look forward to talking customers through their ideal bike and spec, and with our range of bikes now on the floor, now is the time to get in and speak to us about the best bike you have owned so far !!!

CRAZY SPOT SPECIALS – Performance MTB, Road and E-Bikes

Our End of Season Sale is in full swing, and whilst plenty of bikes have walked out the door with happy customers (and at silly prices)…There is still some great bargains to be had across the range.

We have some crazy specials on mid to high end E Bike, road, gravel & MTB’s…check them out…

Norco Sight C2 2018 – was $6,799…SALE $4000 (medium 29)

Norco Range A3 2018 – was $3,799…SALE $2499 (medium 27.5)

Giant Propel SL-1 – was $7,999…SALE $5,999 (medium)

Giant Trance Advanced Pro 1 29 – was $6,299…SALE $4,799 (large)

LIV Langma Pro 0 – was $6,299…SALE $4999 (small)

Giant Trance E+ SX – was $8,399…SALE $6,499 (large)

Giant Revolt Advanced 0 – was $4,299…SALE $3,399 (m/L)

LIV Envie Advanced Tri 2018- was $4,299…SALE $2,699 (s &xs)

Giant Reign 1 – was $5,499…SALE $3999 (large 27.5)

Norco Sight C3 – was $5,199…SALE $3799 (large 29)

LIV Valle E+ – was $4,799…SALE $3,299 (xs)

Giant Trance E+ 1 – was $6999…SALE $5399 (medium)

LIV Intrigue E+ 3 – was $5999…SALE $4,499 (XS)

With the aussie dollar sliding in recent times the price of bikes will only be looking to increase over the next year, so now is the time to grab a bargain on that new machine…

Most of these units are one off specials…so don’t miss out, secure yours today !!!

Want to know if we have what you are after in store? Give us a call, we are keen to clear the current range !!!


Product Spot Light – Giant Trance 29er – Trail Bike

In a world of MTB bikes that keep getting crazier – there is a bike that still suits the silent majority.

The silent majority – I don’t mean those voters that the Labour Party forgot about a month or so ago, and I don’t mean the people in the rust belt of the good ol’ US of A…

I mean the very large number of MTB riders out there who simply get on their bike at any chance they get and take on their local trails and like to hook into the corners, maybe get a bit of air off a few drops and are pretty excited if they beat their mates on the flow sections of track. These same people are happy to get a ride in after work and if they get ankle high off the ground, so be it, but that won’t stop them from riding as many trails as they can next weekend when they decide to go with their mates to some of the more technical trails in say, central Victoria.

This silent majority often tells me in store they want to get better at all aspects of MTB riding and attack trails with better skills, but any improvements in their ability is often measured and conservative.

In a world of increasingly more aggressive trail bikes, that have marketing and action shots attached to them that scream “I am going hard, and my bike needs to follow me” its easy to assume that is how every body rides now… but what about the silent majority – TRADITIONAL TRAIL RIDERS…

Well if you think this is a fairly close description of yourself, or your not sure where you really fit in the big world of trail bikes, then the Giant Trance 29er range of bikes should be close to the top of your purchase list.

Giant have 4 models of Trance 29er available here in Australia at present, all spec’d with suspension numbers that read something like this:

130mm front suspension / 115mm rear suspension / 66.5 degree head angle / 435mm chain stays / 35mm BB drop…

So what’s in those numbers?

Well the biggest thing to note is 115mm rear suspension with 130mm front – it almost looks like a mismatch – 115mm more in the zone of XC bikes for podium hunters and 130mm more in the typical zone for a 29er trail bike. But these numbers are the basis for the perfect bike for normal trail riders. Have you heard the terminology lately: “lower, slacker, longer” ?

Lower bottom bracket heights, slacker head angles and longer travel? All categories of bike are going this way, and for good reason as most trail networks are getting more aggressive with lots of variation from big climbs to very step, techy descents and more flowing jumps to clear. The new Trance 29er bikes certainly have moved in this direction also, but they haven’t gone too far. They have the right mix of slack angles, a fun playful feel and brilliant hassle free pedaling ability that requires very little mucking around to get right.

This bike is far more capable of being aggressive than the numbers suggest, which is great testament to the R & D Giant have done. Originally I was thinking when I first saw the new Trance 29er in a sneak peek viewing July 2018, that it would be a bike with 130mm suspension front and rear – that’s what most trail bikes should have for the silent majority. So why 115mm? Well I can say from experience, it feels a lot more like 130mm traditional trails bikes, but the 115mm was simply the happy medium to balance pedaling efficiency, aggressive ability and fun. I was stoked to see a bike design that doesn’t follow marketing hype and design, resulting in a bike that is perfect for the intended purpose.

This bike is for you – our normal trail riders out there who want a bike they can do all of their normal riding with plus some “what if”…what if I go to some tracks that are more aggressive than I normally do, what if I follow my mates on their big momma trail bike, what if I want to attack a few more drops and jumps beyond my normal.

We keep the range of Trance 29er in store for you to see and also demo. This bike platform is already our most popular trail bike for 2019 – and I look forward to being able to discuss and sell this product to more lucky customers for the next few years at least.

Keep an eye out on our store social media for an up coming video edit I recently made aboard my Trance 29er at Canberra’s Mt. Stromlo.

Thanks for your time,